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Flex Play Scheduling is Now Open:

In order to access Flex Play scheduling, you will need to have completed your 2017/18 Peachtree Paddle Membership Registration.  If have not joined or renewed your Peachtree Paddle membership for the 2017/18 season, please visit:

After completing your membership registration, your Flex Play account will be activated within 24 hours.  You will receive an email letting you know when your account has been activated.  At that time, you may log in and start signing up for matches.

If you have any questions, please contact

Getting Started with Flex Play:

  • After logging in, click on the Schedules tab.  You will see a list of matches available to you based on your player rating level.  You will have access to matches at or below your skill level, but not above.  You will also have access to "Flex Rating" Matches (first person to click into a Flex Rating Match determines the level for that match)

  • To sign up for a match, click into any match(es) listed on your schedule page. If possible, elect for matches where others are already signed up - maximizes the chance the match will fill-up.
  • Locations of the matches are indicated by a 4-letter code (ex: BGP1 = Bitsy Grant court 1, CTC1 = Cherokee Town Club court 1).  For location information and driving directions, please go to:

  • Players may sign up for multiple matches and/or more than one match in a given week, but will be limited to 5 scheduled matches at a given time.

  • You can also sign up as an alternate for any match (even one that isn't already full)

  • Matches at Cherokee Town Club require 1 club member to sign up for each match - the scheduling site handles this programming and will notify you if a member is still needed.

  • After clicking into a match, you will receive an email confirmation from Peachtree Paddle with a meeting planner attachment for your calendar.

  • If you wish to drop out of a match for which you are scheduled - the scheduling system will alert the other players in the match that you have dropped out and contact any listed alternates via email.

  • A player directory with phone numbers and emails is available on the Directory Tab. Player directory can be sorted by level & used to contact people.

Match Format/Requirements:

  • Matches should consist of 3 sets for each match, with all 3 team combinations (round robin).  If you have time to play more, play however you would like.  Scoring results for Flex Play matches will not be tracked this year (no emails will be sent out asking for set scores) 

  • Bring your own balls.  Matches typically require 1-2 balls.  Balls can be purchased at the Bitsy Grant and Cherokee TC clubhouses.

  • Paddle is all weather (can be played in rain and snow!).  Matches are played unless everyone agrees to cancel.